Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka.....

I was absolutely flabbergasted when our Harimau Malaya team won the AFF Suzuki Cup last Wednesday. However, I was more dumbfounded when my boss BBM'ed me in the middle of the nite telling me that our beloved PM declared that Friday is a Public Holiday!
There it goes, the curse of the BlackBerry! You can't switch it off! Yep! You are 'supposed' to be reachable anywhere, anytime...sighhhhhh. Well, with great powers comes with great responsibilities (I don't know how many times I've been quoting this phrase from Spider-Man). Nak buek camano kannn??? Anyway, back to the story....

Guilty as charge, I am among those not in favor of a 'given break' last Friday. Don't get me wrong, its nothing againtst the government, but more on the datelines and pre-arranged conf calls that we had plan earlier. Our HR team was suddenly flooded with phone calls and emails. In short, an email blast reached the employees slightly before noon on the public holiday and list of answers to the famous questions like, will I be getting a PH overtime rate if I work on Friday (macam ler I qualify) and will my leave on Friday be carried forward automatically to 2011.

Phew, luck was on our side. Our conterpart in Japan & Singapore agreed to postpone the conf call. They even come up with another brilliant plan - to meet us up at our Singapore office this coming Thurs and my boss agreed to their proposal! Gulped! Err boss, cuti i camana, sheepishly I asked...

My boss came up with yet another brilliant plan for his 'beloved' staff - "you can take the leave, but instead of 3 weeks, I'm granting you with only 2 weeks. Since you are not travelling out of the country, can you join us for the Singapore trip?" Can I say no? Absolutely not la kannnn. BUT I manage to strike a 'wonderful' deal with him...hehehehe stay tune ya friends to my next entry....mana bole spill the 'surprise' in this entry.

The team left the office close to midnite last Thurs, since most of us opted not to come to work on Friday, 31st Dec 10. Worth the effort - tak payah susahX2 bangun pagi esok nyer :).

The 3 weeks off, shrunk to 2 weeks now - is dedicated to Cha Cha. We all tak pegi jalan manaX2 pun. I want to be there for her when she starts schooling. Bukannnyer primary, kindy baru. But this time around, she's going to a different school. So, new atmosphere, new surroundings, new teachers, new friends and because of all the 'new' things - my Cha Cha became a little bit anxious and it terrified her beloved ayahnda. Bole gitu? Daddy nyer yang lagi panicky from anak nyer.

Today, marked the second day of school. So far so good. Cha Cha has made few friends. Btw, she's the only malay girl in her class. Cakap omputih ajer la anak dara I lepas nie..muahahhaa. Also, I am sooo looking forward to her class photo nnti, colourful habis classmates Cha Cha nie. BetulX2 1Malaysia. Ooohh her school ooopps kindy, employed male teachers as well. Ubersexual you....betulllll....sorang tue ala-ala George Clooney gaya dia. Siap pakai long sleeve & tie & cufflinks. (and my hubby wonder why I hang around the school after dropping off Cha Cha at her class...hehehe...bukan I sorang ajer hang around, mummylicious lain pun sama jugak).

Alamak! Its almost 11:00am. Time to fetch my darling Cha Cha. The kindy is having a 3 days orientation. So, from Mon till Wed, the school hours will be from 8:30am till 11:00am. Khamis nnti, the school will end at 12:30pm.

Words with no pics mana bole kannnn. Sure you all boring dengar celoteh I. Ok la friends, I shall leave you with these lovely photos of our hand masterpieces. Chhhhaannnnteeeekkkk takk?


~jeet~ said...

just about when i want to blog about blackberry ;)

early of the year dah byk travel plan, gosh..your life is soooo on the go, kim salam kat kembar george clooney ye..

January 4, 2011 at 11:59 AM
somuffins said...


What's with the solekan to the tangan tu? Ada apa2 ke? Mana tau ada special occasion ke?

Pesanan untuk you dari kakak yg lebih makan lemak nih "dont be noty2 ok?? Tapikan..psst, mana lebih ensem? George C or him??

January 4, 2011 at 12:06 PM
Anie said...


Ada teacher sehensem George Clooney WOW!!! Besok boleh lah bawak muffins pegi skolah...hehehez ;)

Hmmmzzz bestnya dpt travel lagi, nak ikut kali ni since u nak pegi SG...uwaaaaa gosok, gosok, kaki sbb nak ikut!! Kirim salam dkt my mom and my friends yg ada dkt SG eh....hehehez :D :D hmmm dgn mamak mee goreng skali, ckp dgn dia I really2 miss him. Eeehhh salah, miss his mee goreng :ppp

January 4, 2011 at 3:56 PM
Maya Marisa said...

am so looking forward for you BB entry. cepat tulis :P
nak buat camana, dah nature of my work involve travelling...tapi kan tapi, ada bessshhh nyer..nnti i story ok.
esok i sampai kan salam you kat teacher cha cha ok!

Cik Som,
inai - mana bole awalX2 cik som. nnti hilang surprise. tungguuuu...
psst...of course la MrN cik som! ke-hensem-an jowo ku ini tak dapat ditangdingi oleh George C..muahahhaa. takde notty nyer cik som. jelingX2 ajer...:P
p/s: silap la cik som, patut tadi maya tulis, cikgu tu alaX2 gaya aaron aziz..hehhehe

agakX2 kalau i bagi muffin, bole ker cikgu tu kasi all As to cha cha? hehehe
nnti i sampaikan salam sayang u kat all ur relatives & friends plus mamak mee goreng tu skali wokeh!

January 4, 2011 at 10:51 PM

dieya said...

uih baru kindy dah ada orientation? kena ragging ngan senior tak?

kem salam kat cha cha's hot cikgu.. kalau ada hari sukan sekolah ke, hari penyampaian hadiah ke.. ajak i tau!

January 5, 2011 at 12:52 AM
PatinPasta said...

Uiks! Canteeeek! Tere lukis tuh! Sapa buatkan? Ke sendiri? :D

January 5, 2011 at 1:10 AM
~jeet~ said...

maya, not the whole post, ade la 1-2 ayat sangkut..hehehe...

January 5, 2011 at 8:17 AM
Maya Marisa said...

hahahah, jgn tak tau, kindy sekarang canggih manggih you. we tot the gents are like admin staff gitu. tak sangka pulak teachers. zaman dah berubah kan?
nnti i bgtau teachers tu ada hot senora kirim salam.

tima kacih. I mana ler reti lukis babe. outsource ajer. akan tetapi, cha cha punya henna, i yg tepek sendiri. tu yg comot habis.

la yea ker? nnti i check it out. i tot time cuti nie bole ler visit other blogs, akan tetapi, impian tak tercapai lagi :(.

January 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hi Maya, kalau cikgu macam jorj kluni tiap2 hari I pun sanggup hantar amek Chacha dengan suka rela. hehe I tak pernah lukis2 inai kat tangan ni. Mesti cuba satu hari nanti. Berapa lama boleh tahan lukisan tu kat tangan eh? Sorry I ni hampeh bab2 ni heheh

January 6, 2011 at 7:45 PM

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