One step at a time

Sometimes in life, you just have to make the bold step to move on. It's not easy, but you just have to take the risk. Tapi kannn, since when life is easy yea tak? Everything that we do there are always pros & cons that we need to weigh & take into consideration.

I make the bold step to leave my job and return home. Funny that I do not have anything firm on hand yet at that point of time. I just take the plunged. Undeniably, many things came into my mind. One of it is without doubt ... $$$. 

Face the fact, all of us have financial commitment. There are bills to be paid, loans to be settled and bla bla bla. With minor cuts here and there, we manage to balance it out. So that's the starting point of my adventure in becoming a stay-at-home-mummy to my darling angel Cha Cha.

Part of the reason of my return is to help my ibu for my youngest bro's wedding. Yup my little chubby brother has decided to settle down. 

Oh ya, I promised to inform you where I was posted in my last job... hehehe... below is the hint. Guess where is that place.... 

God is ever merciful. Out of the blue, I received an email via linkedin from a connection of mine requesting for a meet up cum chat session as he is interested to know what I did in my past job. Of course I asked MrN's view on it first prior to the meet up. Reason being, I have heard that few linkedin users have treated it like a dating site rather than a professional joint avenue. MrN encouraged me to give it a try. Should I find it awkward and fishy, he told me to cut short the conversation and leave the place. Being a "isteri mithali" wannabe, I (yeah, please laugh)  I followed his advice.  

We chatted about my previous work scope plus my past experience as a management consultant. He's more interested to know why I left the consulting work and joined the industry instead. I told him the truth - I have had enough of bullshitting to the client... hehehee.. (Find this comedy miniseries called House of Lies and you'll understand what I mean). To be frank, I was rather surprised as to why I was bold enough to say that out loud. I even told him that being in the industry, the table has turned - now it's my turn to catch the consultant if they are telling the truth or not... goshhhhh.... me and my blardy loud mouth.

But hey, guess what happened next? He offered me a place under his team! He said he would get his other colleague to interview me. I was stunned. I did not expect that the casual chat was actually an interview session. To  cut the long story short - I'll be reporting to work on the 1st April, which is next Monday. Got my offer letter late last week. The surprise does not end there. The Snr Vice Pres emailed me via linkedin few days back welcoming me to his group and had asked me to drop by his office first thing on Monday. Hhhmmmm... it pays to tell the truth... and most importantly, God is ever merciful.....Alhamdulillah

P/s: the pay cheque is almost the same as what i used tos get..... amin, amin ya rabbal alamin....

Masihkah kau Ingat???

Yes... this hot senora is back..... in MALAYSIA!

You know what else is interesting?
I am back for good!
Packed all my stuff,  moved everyone back to this warm & sunny land.
Aaaaahhhh blisssssssssssss!

Boy I am glad to be HOME.
Most importantly, I am glad now that I have the luxury to blog.
So my darling angels, watch out for my non-stop celoteh in my next entries ok!
Till then! 


It's been a while...

It's been 58 days since I last penned my thoughts at my favorite chill out place. 

A simple letter from my management that I received on May 2nd, 2012 had led me to change our course of life 360 deg.

I am given less than 30 days to pack everything (including my hb MrN, my darling angel Cha Cha and my maid Endang) and relocate to a new city, a new country and a new continent. 

A continent which is 4 hours behind of Kuala Lumpur. 

A continent that speaks a total different language. 

A continent that offers ..... more money to my bank account of course! Hahahhahhaha....

I promise to write more often once I am fully settled... Till now, everything is still topsy turvy.

Fret not, I shall also reply to all those lovely comments in my last entry. 

As such, "Maa Salaama, sanura insya ALLAH"........

When the man of the house cooks

My dad is a food lover. As such, when food is concern, he can be extremely fussy. Dad hardly eats outside. He loves to cook his own food.

Even now, we dare not take him to a restaurant without us testing the food first. I recalled taking him out to Victoria Station for his birthday couple of years ago, where he complained about his not so nice lobster on our way home right after the dinner.

My house is just 20 minutes away from my parent’s house. The beauty is, whenever dad cooks extra, he would call me up at the office and ask me to drop by his house after work and pickup the dish that he had cooked.

Among the dishes are:
Sambal petai & ikan bilis. My all time favorite. Esp when the skin is still intact. Oh my god…it’s so crunchy!

Yam basket with stir fry mix vege and chicken. I don’t need rice when I eat this dish. The yam itself is already filling.

Sayur pucuk manis and keledek masak lemak + sambal kentang & ikan bilis + udang goreng kunyit. A truly kampung style cuisine.

Sambal petai. The petai is so gemuk and gebu..hahhahahaha…

Pengat durian with pulut. My dad would cook this when he knows I am fasting on that day.

Another dessert – yam cake? Can’t remember what it’s called. But I always refer it as yam cake.

Salmon head asam pedas with kobis jeruk...

Another favorite of mine – wantan noodles.

I managed to capture these pics when I came over to dad’s house on last Monday. Dad called earlier that day asking me if I am fasting. When I said yes, he asked me to have iftar at his house. He said he’ll be cooking the Cantonese style wantan noodles.


Wantan noodles hidden underneath the prawn and bak choy.

The following pic got nothing to do with my dad’s dishes. It’s my junior masterchef in the making during her baking class.

Cha Cha begged me to join the baking class at Bake Me Wonders @ Empire. I hesitated, but in the end, I gave in, cos at least, she’ll be messing up someone’s kitchen instead of mine…hahhahaa.

The outcome – Peanut butter chocolate truffles. Yummylicious!

There’s something about Botak

I am not a health freak. On the other hand, I am not a food junkie either. I used to go to the gym. However since my work has taken its toll since last year, I’ve decided to discontinue the membership. Worry that my waistline would expand sideways, I decided to change my lifestyle a bit to accommodate to my new role at the office – I would do calorie counting during weekdays, detox during weekends, fasting on every Mondays and Thursdays and working out on the cross trainer during my non-fasting days. So far so good eyy :-P. But things would definitely NOT as per plan especially when I am on holiday.  

We were in JB during the school hols last week. MrN has few meetings to attend down south and asked me to join him as well. Great opportunity, because that would mean I could hang out with my friend Miss A.

Rang her up and told her about the plan. Thank god she’s not traveling elsewhere. As predicted, she lined up our get together itinerary from day 1. Mind you, most of the activities involves…what else…food! My dear friend is such a foodie. There goes my diet! Helppppppppp! Miss A has a son. That’s great for at the very least, my darling Cha Cha would not be lonely. The best thing is they are both at the same age.

Miss A told us not to take breakfast at the hotel. She planned for us to have brekkie outside – at her favorite joint. Boy, we are not disappointed at all by her choice – Asam Pedas Botak or Kedai Makan Jadi Baru Botak @ Jalan Lumba Kuda.

The food that Miss A ordered for our brekkie…

 Fried Kuey Tiaw

Fried Bee Hoon


 Ikan Senangin Goreng

The foods that Miss A ordered were awesome. So awesome that we had to come back again the next day. This time around we came for lunch.

The food that we had for lunch on the next day…

Ikan Senangin Goreng…again! 

The famous Asam Pedas

 Sayur Kangkung

No matter how full your tummy is, there’s always room for dessert – says Miss A. What a luck the ice cream man passed by.


Mine – a corn flavoured ice cream

Guess where Miss A took us after we were done with breakfast on the 1st day??????????

Sinfully Delicious

What happened when I combine all my favorite sweet treats together? 

I got this - a sinfully delicious dessert!

Super fudgy brownies with chocolate chip orange crunch cookies topped with sliced almonds and white chocolate chips. 

My oh my, they didn’t come up with the old saying “live to eat” for no reason. I first caught the glimpse of this at Rima’s blog. I was smitten at the very first sight.

What put me off was the almost equal layer of choc chips and the brownies. Don’t get me wrong, I love both, but I would prefer my brownies to take a dominant stand as compared to the cookies. Also, when it comes to the cookies, I would prefer mine to have the tangy citrus flavor. 

The fudgier the brownies, the better it taste – that’s the cardinal rule of a perfect brownie according to MrN. Easy peasy, google it, and the recipe from Martha Stewart will appear. The next biggest task is to find the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe.

I recalled having bookmarked a page in the NYTimes on a recipe by the famous French chocolatier, Jacques Torres. I followed the recipe to the T. The only minor thing added was, the zest of an orange. Yes you heard it right, the zest of ONE orange. Remember I mentioned earlier that I like my cookies to have a citrusy flavor? Hehehe…

Assembly time. As I said earlier on, I like my brownie to be at the centre stage, not as equal layer as the cookie? Well, the idea of moulding the cookie dough onto the baking sheet and subsequently pour the brownie batter onto it came spontaneously. Me and my not so genius invention! 

To make the existing ensemble more sinful, I decided to top the batter with almonds and white choc chips. Wait, I got a confession to make, the white choc chips are accidental – it will be expiring end of march. Such a total waste to throw it away. So, instead I ‘dumped’ it onto the brownies. Hehehehe…

The end result – aaahhhhhhhhh….total bliss! I think the old saying of “Live to eat” speaks well about this sinfully delicious dessert. 

The In-Between

Let’s talk about food. Why? Because I just noticed that the last time I spoke about food was back in Dec last year. I am not a kitchen goddess. Nonetheless I love to share the outcome of my little misadventure in the realm world of culinary works.

Weekends, our most look forward days of the week. The day when everyone in my household is given the permission to wake up late, including me myself. Guilty as charge, I would head to bed after I performed my morning prayers. Unless if I have something going on in the morning.

Waking up late would mean that we have to forgo the first meal of the day – the breakfast. Nevertheless, it would be too early for us to take lunch. The best solution is to indulge in a hearty brunch.

I love eggs. I love bread. I love tomatoes. I love having the trio for my brunch. Accompanied with a steaming hot cup of coffee, the whole ensemble is just bliss.

What we had today
Walnut + Rye Bread with Menemen, a Turkish scramble egg

What we had yesterday
Focaccia bread with egg + white mushroom + capsicums + celery + beef breakfast lean

What we had last week Sunday
Mediterranean Herb bread with scrambled egg + grilled tomatoes + grilled beef breakfast lean + cucur udang geragau

What we had last week Saturday
Toasted sourdough bread with scramble egg + grilled tomatoes + grilled beef breakfast lean + grilled mushroom

The secrets are out…hehhee…now you know why we love waking up late on weekends – it’s because of the food indulgence.. lol!